IMAGO Therapy - Sage Therapy
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Imago therapy is a highly effective form of relationship and couples therapy that has positively affected thousands of couples around the world. More than one thousand therapists in nearly approximately thirty countries are “changing the world one relationship at a time” by teaching the Imago Dialogical processes. This approach to communication comes out of new understandings about the relational paradigm, and is helpful for new couples, those together for many years, people in business relationships, and more. This transformational method of therapy was developed 25 years ago by Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt, and provides resources for couples, therapists, or individuals seeking to find a way to be more effective in their life and relationships.

Imago therapy can provide you with an education about relationships that will leave you energized, encouraged, and inspired!  The insights often achieved in the process are life altering and aid in your quest to become:

The best magnet for the kind of relationship and partner you desire

  • The best partner you could ever be
  • More confident in ANY relationship
  • Attain a much stronger sense of self

We weave understandings and insights about your upbringing and how you are particularly wired with the current dynamics and issues in your life and relationships.

At the same time you are learning and practicing a couple of profound skills. These skills, or tools, are designed to help you create a sense of mutual emotional safety and respect that is imperative to effective communication. Be seen; Be heard; Be valued; Be honored and learn how to provide that for yourself and your partner (or future partner) at the same time!