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Suggested Reading

Adult Children of Alcoholics:

Beattie, M. (1992) Co-dependent no more. Hazelden Foundation.

Bradshaw, J. (1996) Bradshaw on: The Family. Health Communications Publishing.

Bradshaw, J. (2005) Healing the shame that binds you. Health Communications Publishing.

Katherine, A. (1991) Boundaries, where you end and I begin. Hazelden Foundation.

Melody, P. (2003) Facing Co-dependence.  Harper Collins.

Geringer-Wolitz. Adult children of Alcoholics.  (#1 best seller)



Real, T. (1998) I don’t want to talk about it: Overcoming the secret legacy of male depression.  Simon and Schuster.

Wexler, B. (2006) Is he depressed or what? Raincoat books.

Jack, D. Silencing the Self – Women and Depression.

Weber and Hart. A Woman’s Guide to Overcoming Depression.


Eating Disorders:

Hollis, J. (2003) Fat is a family affair. Hazelden Publishing

Herrin, M. & Motsumoto, N. (2007 ) The Parent’s guide to Eating Disorders.
Gurze Books.

Paulson, T. & McShane, J. (2004) Because I feel fat. Universal Inc.

Roth, G. (1992) When food is love.  Penguin Books.

Schaefer, J. & Rutledge, T. (2003) Life without ed: How one woman declared
independence from her eating disorder and how you can too. McGraw-Hill

Roth, G. Women, Food and God.


Grief and Loss:

Kushner, H. (1981) When bad things happen to good people. Harper Collins Publishing.

Lewis, C.S. (1961) A grief observed. Harper Collins Publishing.

Rinpoch, S. (1992) The Tibetan book of living and dying. Harper Collins Publishing.

Sunoo, B. (2006) Seaweed and shamans: Inheriting the gifts of grief. Seoul Selection Publishing.

Wolfelt, A. (2004) Understanding your grief: Ten essential touchstones for finding hope and healing your heart.  Companion Press

Wolfelt, A. (2004) The understanding your grief journal: Exploring the ten essential touchstones. Companion Press.


Relational Skills:

Gottman, J (1976) A couple’s guide to communication. Research Press

Gottman, J. (1994) Why marriages succeed or fail. Simon and Schuster.

Johnson, S. (2008) Hold me tight: seven conversations for a lifetime of love. Little, Brown and Company.

Lerner, H. (1989) The dance of intimacy. Harper and Row.

Pipher, M. (1996) The shelter of each other: Rebuilding our families. Ballentine Books.

Real, T. (2007) The New Rules of Marriage. Ballentine Books

Richo, D. (2002) How to be an Adult in Relationships: The Five Keys to Mindful Loving. Shambhala Publications.

Rosenberg, M. Nonviolent Communication: A language of love.


Additional Web Resources

National Mental Health Information Center
Alcoholics Anonymous
National Depressive and Manic Depressive Association
National Center for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
National Eating Disorder Association